Powerbucks Slots in Ontario

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Experience the heart-pounding excitement of Powerbucks slots, the game-changers in Ontario’s casino scene. You can play these games at the largest casinos in the province or through the digital realm of the OLG.CA website.

Powerbucks boasts a series of captivating slot machines, each adorned with unique themes, making every spin an adventure.

Powerbucks Slots in Ontario Canada

How Does The Powerbucks Network Work?

In-Game Jackpots

The Powerbucks network features two colossal jackpots:

  1. Static Jackpot of $1 Million: Up for grabs on any bet level.
  2. Progressive Jackpot: Starting at a cool $1 million, this jackpot escalates with each bet placed across all slots in the series.

Betting Levels

To qualify to win the $1 million static jackpot, players can make bets from $0.50 to $2.99 per spin. As for the progressive jackpot, you must place bets of at least $3 per spin.

Powerbucks slot machine playable online at OLG Ontario

Powerbucks Bonuses

Powerbucks slots bring more than just jackpots to the table. Randomly triggered bonus features add an extra layer of excitement, and the higher your bet, the more frequently these bonuses appear. It’s a game of strategy, and bonuses are an opportunity to increase winnings during play.

Odds of Winning

Want to know the odds of hitting those massive jackpots? On a $0.50 bet, the static jackpot comes with a 1 in 150 million chance, while a $3 bet increases your odds to 1 in 25 million for the progressive jackpot. If you bet a large number of spins, you improve the chances of becoming one of the big winners in the Powerbucks series.

Consult the slot machine dashboard for a breakdown of winning odds, revealing that bets above $3 significantly improve your chances of claiming a millionaire jackpot.

Powerbucks Variations

The Powerbucks games network includes different slots with varying themes, such as Power Hits and Arctic Gems. Moreover, the Wheel of Fortune theme is the inspiration for some variants in the series.

In total, there are more than 10 different ways to try your luck at Powerbucks! Certain titles even let you make bets of $100 per spin! Of course, such high bets are crazy, but for players willing to bet big, it boosts the chances of winning a millionaire jackpot. Indeed the game mechanism on progressive slot machines favors the payout of massive jackpots when the bets are high.

Powerbucks Record Wins

Powerbucks slots are the largest casino jackpot games in Canada, and Ontario is no exception. The highest recorded win to date stands at an impressive CA$2,256,578, earned on the Powerbucks Wheel of Fortune Exotic Far East slot machine by a player on the OLG.ca platform. OLG.ca is the online betting site of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG).

While other substantial wins have occurred, none have surpassed the 2 million mark.

Since its inception in 2006, Powerbucks has been a beacon of fortune in Ontario, with dozens of millionaire jackpots awarded.

While local casinos initially basked in its success, the digital era, starting in 2015 with the OLG.CA site, witnessed an explosion of participants in the Powerbucks series.

Play Powerbucks Slots in Ontario

For those seeking the adrenaline rush of Powerbucks in the province, the largest land-based casinos in Ontario are your go-to destinations. Alternatively, the expansive selection of Powerbucks games on the OLG.CA website offers a convenient and diverse gaming experience.

The choice between online and offline play is ultimately a matter of preference, but the vast array of Powerbucks variations and bigger betting options on OLG.CA make it a compelling digital playground.

IGT Powerbucks

Powering the Powerbucks concept is the International Game Technology Group (IGT), a trailblazer in progressive jackpot games. With a historical footprint in Canada and the United States, IGT remains the largest slot machine manufacturer in the industry.

Similar Games to Powerbucks in Ontario

While Powerbucks slots stand unique in Ontario’s land-based casinos, the online casino realm opens doors to diverse progressive jackpot experiences and a huge selection of slot machines. Among the most popular games is Maple Moolah, a series by Games Global offering shots at a progressive jackpot of at least $1 million

Global Games

The Games Global company is the world leader in the field of remote casino games. In Ontario, casino sites equipped with Games Global games are very successful. The success story continues at Zodiac Casino, a trademark in Canada, showcasing Games Global’s prowess with the Maple Moolah video slots and the Mega Money Wheel game, where even a 10-cent spin can lead to substantial winnings.

Source: GamesGlobal.com

Responsible Gaming

It’s crucial to remember the element of chance and money in slot machines. Although spinning the reels of slot machines can be fun, the risk of losing money is real. To avoid getting caught up in the gaming fever, always play responsibly.

To put it in perspective, the chances of winning big on progressive jackpot slots are similar to lottery games.


OLG.CA is the official web platform of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, which is responsible for the province’s lotteries, casinos, and racetrack slot machines.

OLG Games Site

Games at OLG

The OLG site offers a wide variety of casino-style games, including slots, table games, and video poker. It is known for offering popular games like Powerbucks slots.

Lottery Tickets

You can buy lottery tickets such as LOTTO MAX and LOTTO 6/49 online at OLG.ca. Players can check winning numbers and manage their lottery purchases through the website. Digital versions of Scratch Cards are also available.


The OLG.CA site has PLAY SMART tools – which are ideal for following a responsible gaming policy. PLAY SMART tools help players set time and budget limits to keep gaming fun.

Regulated Platform

The OLG.CA site is a government site offering a secure gaming environment while respecting the legal and ethical standards of the Ontario province. For both lottery activities and casino games, there is a huge emphasis on responsible gaming practices.